Justin Wells
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Prior to Tucker Carlson Tonight, Justin spent nearly 8 years on Greta Van Susteren’s program at Fox News Channel:

Sometimes he was on the road for the show bringing you reports from stories such as the Earthquake in Haiti, Fort Hood Shootings, the Casey Anthony Case, Boston's craigslist killer, the Haleigh Cummings case and many other high-profile stories. He has produced interviews with former U.S. Presidents, Senators, politicians, professional athletes and celebrities.

Prior to joining Fox News in 2008, Justin worked for the following stations & networks:

2006-2008: WNYW - FOX - New York
2004-2006: WFOR - CBS - Miami
2003-2004: WPLG - ABC - Miami
2002-2003: WPTV- NBC - West Palm Beach
1999-2002: WTVT - FOX - Tampa

Here’s more background on Justin’s experience experience prior to joining Fox News in 2008:
Prior to joining Fox News Channel in Summer of 2008, Justin was at WNYW, the Fox Television flagship station in New York, NY. Wells was Producer of the 10pm and 5pm broadcasts at during his time at WNYW.
Wells began his television career in 1999 with the Fox Owned and Operated television station in Tampa, Florida, WTVT. He then became a producer for WPTV (NBC) in West Palm Beach, Florida followed by a jump to WPLG (ABC) in Miami, Florida. He quickly moved to the CBS Owned and Operated station in Miami, WFOR, where he was producer of the station's top-rated 11pm news with Maggie Rodriguez and Robb Hanrahan. In December 2006, Justin left Miami for FOX 5, WNYW in New York City.
Wells was instrumental in coverage of several hurricanes that hit Florida during record breaking hurricane seasons in 2004 & 2005. Television Week featured his analysis in many articles reporting on best coverage of natural disasters.
As word of Fidel Castro's transfer of power broke in Summer of 2006, Wells was in the WFOR control room, and gave the word to break into network programming. WFOR was the first United States media organization to break the news. Wells has also covered other big stories like the War in Iraq, Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy, tornados that ripped through Palm Beach County, and was at the center of countless breaking news stories in Miami and across Florida. In New York, he was acting Executive Producer of daytime news when a steam pipe suddenly exploded in Midtown. Wells also managed 'You Decide 2008' election coverage for Fox 5 in New York. He also produced key programs for Fox including post-Giants victory Super Bowl coverage.